Temp Taskbar

Temp Taskbar for Windows 7 1.1

Use colors on the taskbar to identify temperature issues


  • Easy to use
  • Customization options


  • Not compatible with all temperature sensors
  • Color code only works with Aero theme


Temp Taskbar uses a color code on the Windows 7 taskbar according to the current system temperature. If it reaches red, it’s probably too hot – and dangerous! – for your computer.

For those of you worried about the temperature of your system, Temp Taskbar can be really helpful. The program uses the computer’s sensors to obtain data about the temperature and displays the results right on the taskbar, so you can have the information in real time without having to open any extra window.

The configuration options in Temp Taskbar let you customize the color code to use, choose a location for the color bars and set a threshold for warning and critical level temperatures in your system.

On the downside, Temp Taskbar is not compatible with all temperature sensors and the color code only works with the Aero theme.

With Temp Taskbar you can easily keep track of any serious temperature changes on your system and avoid potential computer problems.

Temp Taskbar


Temp Taskbar for Windows 7 1.1

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